atelier d'arts plastique a Bobo Dioulasso
la soupape ailée en anglais
la Soupape Ailée
Non-Profit Organization (french association law 1901),
has for goal "the introduction to artistic skills as a means
of integration, and the promotion of artistic events. It brings together artists and individuals who yearn to "lower the pressure and reverse the steam" in bringing a breath of art and creativity.
Bobo Dioulasso
association a Bobo Dioulasso
Visual art workshops for children in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
les ateliers à Bobo Dioulasso
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Ange et Dam
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Next residency in Bobo :

February 2018 : Blandine Gautier, painting.

March april : Ange & Dam painting.

calendirer soupape ailée 2018


The latest pictures of our beautiful home
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