creation artistique
bobo dioulasso
creation artistique

The association « la Soupape Ailée » created a space in Bobo Dioulasso open
to children and artists called : « La cour de la Soupape Ailée » (La Soupape Ailée courtyard).

- A local Burkinabe artist gives free plastic art classes to children, 6 years old minimum,
every Saturday and Sunday.

- A recreational place for kids from the neighborhood.

Artist residency.
These residencies are open to artists, visual and graphic artists, sculptors, print makers,
painters who come to coach the kids, freely coming to the workshop, in their own artistic journey.
It is also open to anyone wishing to share his or her skills with kids, whether it’d to help them
in their homework or to learn English, or anything that can help them daily.

La Soupape Ailée aims at developing solidarity exchanges.
Its goal is to create synergies between artists from both continents. Its studio in Bobo Dioulasso gives the opportunity to children who do not have access to art, to express their creativity. And
to European artists discover an African country through exchanging and sharing practices with kids and artists from Bobo.
In Burkina Faso there is no art classes in primary nor secondary schools. They have no chance to draw or paint ever as even to have a pencil is difficult.

Since 2002, around 60 residencies have taken place with more than 40 different artists. Children from 6 to 18 years old had the opportunity to develop their visual and graphical expression by experimenting different artistic technics such as painting, illustration, sculpture, photos, videos, sound, etc.

The studio is a cultural place welcoming anyone to simply relax and enjoy life with children.
They come to play games, read, do their homework, watch films or plays, and listen to music
or sing together, and many other creative moments spurring from the artists’ fantasy.

What is it ?