association la soupape ailee
The story

In 2002, Ange & Dam, with the Soupape Ailée, opened the first studio in Bobo Dioulasso for children art activities. It was located in Souroukou ki neighborhood.

In 2006, the association hired a local artist who had attended the studio as a child. He starts running the Saturday and Sunday classes and supports the residency artists training the kids in their art.

In 2011,the Soupape Ailée moves the structure to another close by courtyard belonging to the Yerika association in Koko. It’s no more a family courtyard but a real cultural place open to residency artists.

fresque exterieure

In 2015, 3 members of the Soupape Ailée had the opportunity to buy a courtyard in Bobo so that the association could have its own place to develop its projects. Thanks to crowd-funding, the association raised enough money for the necessary renovation works.

In January 2016 a joyfull voluntary team with the help of some good local craftsmen did the job  !
Since March 2016, the studio is open and a place for all possible adventures! Let’s the show go on!

les partenaires
bobo Dioulasso
les ateliers de peinture
les artistes en residence

In 1995 in Bobo Dioulasso, Ange & Dam, 2 female sculptors from Paris, start painting sessions with kids in a courtyard. Even though they had never used a paint brush before, they show incredible color talents.

Their enthusiasm as well as their thirst for artistic activities touch the artists’ heart to the point that they decided to create a permanent studio to allow them to develop their creativity skills.

la creation du lieu
atelier à Koko
gatta de la Soupape Ailée