creation artistique

The association La soupape Ailée is the creator of the entire project.
2 artists Blandine Gautier and Marika Leccia - Angel & Dam - ensure the organization
and management.

The maintenance of the place and its activities is entirely financed by the members
and the benefactors of the association who do not receive any grant for this workshop.

The association employs a Burkinabe artist: Sanogo Boureima, known as IB. He animates
workshops every Saturday and Sunday afternoons and during the school holidays.

Artists in residence animate the visual arts workshops.
They are volunteers but they are fed and housed by the association.

The painting is provided by a sponsor: Décors Plus
and paper by printers.

Since 2016 we are installed in a courtyard that was acquired in 2015 by three members
of La soupape Ailée. An agreement has been signed giving the enjoyment
of the place free of charge to the association.

Awa and familly
bobo dioulasso
Sanogo Boureima
creation artistique

The exhition

Every year the kids’ paintings and art works are displayed in Paris.
It shows the work done during the year with the local artist IB and with the different residency artists.
Thus all donators and members can admire their work and the association can grow its network
and community by enrolling new members every year.

It usually takes place at the headquarters of
the «  Secours Populaire Français  » (French Popular Relief, a French non-profit organization) in Paris 18e.

Sanogo Boureima, also called IB
the workshop leader
who manage
the place
her 2 children,
Mariam et Aziz.
and Alima
to the kitchen
Décors +
Thank you to the company Decor +, which offered
painting for home
and all the frescoes
of the new location.
Who are the key actors? 
exposition au Secours Populaire français

And why not with you?

to support our project,You have several possibilities:

> Become an association's member for $15

> Become a benefactor for $30 or ++++

Tax reduction.
The association is considered of general interest (Articles 200 and 238 bis of the General Tax Code). Your donation allows you to reduce taxes by 66% of the amount paid up to
a limit of 20% of taxable income.
Example: A donation of 50 € = tax deduction of 33 € so your donation will cost you 17€

You are artist and interests by our project?

contact us :
La Soupape Ailée 29, rue Ramey 75018 Paris


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And all the frends

A subscription call made all indoor and outdoor works for the new studio possible.

This new adventure was a great success thanks to donators’ generosity and all volunteers’ enthusiasm.

The personal involvement of older kids, former workshops participants, and friends in this construction works are a clear testimony of the association’s roots in Bobo Dialasso and the links it has with many people close by.

Goolge Album of work processing